With the help of Elrond’s daughter Arwen, who loves Strider enough to give up her Elven immortality, Frodo is rushed to Rivendell and healed by Elven medicine. Butch admits that he cannot understand why, despite working hard all his life, he has always been broke. Their meeting is interrupted by the police, who have been sent by Miles's widow Iva, who is jealous because she and Sam had been having an affair. She later tells Jake that she is leaving him, but his more subdued, contrite demeanor causes her to relent and she agrees to stay, although the brothers remain estranged. When a group of temperance marchers are caught in the crossfire, the ambush turns into a massacre that ends when Bishop's men escape into Mexico and the bounty hunters stop to loot the corpses. Juror 1, the foreman, who is a genial high school football coach, conducts a preliminary ballot and, without hesitation, eleven jurors vote for conviction. The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 most thrilling films of all time. Gandalf, the Elf Legolas, the Dwarf Gimli and Sam, Merry and Pippin also give their services to Frodo. After watching Burns teach Korean mess hall boy Ho-jon to learn English by reading the Bible out loud, Duke and Hawkeye decide the sixteen-year-old would have more fun practicing with. Impressed by the duet, Gordon arranges for Penny and Lucky to audition at the Silver Sandal nightclub but stipulates that Lucky wear a tuxedo in the act. When she continues driving down the street, Escobar and his men shoot at the car until it stops. At the appointed place, the Sharks and the Jets meet, and the best fighter from each gang, Bernardo and Ice, respectively, prepare to fight as the others look on. At Sebastian’s apartment, Batty arrives, kisses Pris, and tells her that Zhora and Kowalski have been retired. By 1980, Henry and Karen’s cocaine addictions have rendered them paranoid, and Henry believes a helicopter is following him around. U.S. Captain John H. Miller and some of his battalion survive the ordeal. There, however, Georgia sees the dinner he has prepared and realizes her joke has gone too far. Within hours, Crassus’ trained troops have overcome the slave army, and Crassus announces to the survivors that they will be spared crucifixion if they identify Spartacus. As Indy warns Marion to keep her eyes shut, chaos ensues. A week later, as Sam is writing to Marion, he is interrupted by her sister Lila, whom he has never met. She went to live with relatives on a farm in Montana, although she ran away after two months. The Turks, surprised by the overland attack, are routed, and the victory revitalizes the Arab rebellion. When he calls Max to have his things sent over, however, Max tells him that Norma slit her wrists with his razor blade. Alvy recalls meeting Allison, an ex-girl friend, at a 1956 benefit performance for Adlai Stevenson’s presidential campaign. Learning that Ned’s body is on display outside Greely’s, Munny becomes enraged. The newlyweds go to another auto lodge, where they ask the owners for a rope, a blanket and a trumpet. Cast: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn, Producer: Edward Saxon|183872||Kenneth Utt|93782||Ron Bozman|195947||Gary Goetzman|57228, Production Company: Strong Heart Productions, Cast: Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates, Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Producer: Wendy Finerman|220464||Steve Tisch|237471||Steve Starkey|237472, Cinematographer: Don Burgess|237470||David M. Dunlap|278399, Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Jack Warden. Elaine sees her parents' anger toward Ben, and realizing what their influence has done, she fights off her mother and Carl and races to Ben. During the Korean War, Col. Henry Blake commands the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH), only miles from the front line. Appalled, Sugar begs Joe to allow her to help, but after numerous passionate kisses, Joe insists he is unmoved. Messala is shocked when the man is revealed to be Judah, who shows him the seal from Arrius’ signet ring. While waiting at a red light, John flirts with the occupants of a car full of girls and one of them, Carol, agrees to join him. Jacy’s plans go awry, however, when Bobby dallies with her, then marries his girl friend. Cast: Gary Cooper, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Bridges, Editor: Harry Gerstad|219083||Elmo Williams|47020. She gingerly takes a piece, then begins to sob uncontrollably. The two give Futterman money in exchange for the news that Debbie is held captive by Scar. As she happily changes her clothes and tells The Maid that she and her husband are taking a trip across the water, her husband envisions pushing her overboard. During the ensuing bout, Rocky takes a tremendous beating but continually rebounds to land a few hard punches. He argues that she does not know what it would be like living with him, but because she wants to try, he decides to let her see the worst. The next day, Scottie tells Elster of his findings, and Elster confesses that he knew about Carlotta but did not tell Scottie in order not to prejudice him. When the Boy marries the Dear One, he decides to sever his relations with the underworld, which is led by the Musketeer of the Slums. SS officers try to steal his child employees, but Schindler insists he needs their small fingers to polish shell casings. While The Man and The Woman make passionate love in the moonlight, The Wife tearfully comforts her baby. The next day, the emperor gives Judah to Arrius, to be his slave. At an Oregon mental asylum, serene but tyrannical Nurse Ratched maintains firm control over the men’s ward. Batiatus and Marcellus, knowing that Spartacus has never had a woman, watch from a grate above his cell as Varinia stoically undresses. When the boat reaches the island, Ann, Denham and the crew go ashore and discover natives engaged in a frenetic religious ceremony that features men dressed in gorilla skins and a young woman tied to an altar. Later, as the others sleep, Johnnie manages to escape the dining room, change into a Union uniform and rescue Annabelle. When Vickie admires Jake’s shiny convertible, he invites her for a ride, and after changing from her swimsuit into a virginal white outfit, she joins him. Realizing that the virginal Billy is attracted to Candy, McMurphy arranges for them to have a private “date.” While waiting for Candy, McMurphy falls asleep and when the orderlies and nurses arrive the next morning to discover the disheveled room, it is too late for him to escape. One day, Travis sees a campaign worker named Betsy and describes his romantic impression of her in his diary. Prison life is comfortable, and he reluctantly accepts parole after he heroically stops a jailbreak. Henry talks her down, promising that he loves her. Strasser is particularly concerned that the letters not be sold to Victor Lazlo, the well-known Czech resistance leader, who is rumored to be on his way to Casablanca. Dorothy Gale, a Kansas farm girl, lives with her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. Footage of Roy Batty, an optimum-efficiency combat Replicant, appears on the screen, and Bryant suggests that Batty is leading the group. Tracy's attitude causes a marital rift with her childhood sweetheart, sportsman and recovering alcoholic C. K. Dexter Haven, leading to a divorce. The next morning, Paine takes Jeff to be sworn in at the Senate, where one senator objects, alleging that the newspaper stories prove Jeff is unfit. Motivated by the surfing possibilities, Kilgore plans to transfer the PBR and its crew to an access point near the river that promises great breaking waves, but also heavy enemy artillery. Determined to win Sonny away from Ruth, Jacy begins to date him, and promises that eventually they will spend the night together. Once calm, Watson tells Lucky that, if he wants a second chance with Margaret, he must earn at least $25,000 in New York City. A television newsman at the scene reports that Barbara Jean spent several weeks at a Baltimore burn care unit after a fire baton accident. As The Wife clutches her flowers as if they were a bridal bouquet, they pass the window of a photography studio that is filled with photos of loving, married couples. Finally, the men cut cards to see who will hunt for food, and the loser, Larsen, sets out alone. On the ground, Popeye commandeers a passerby’s car and speeds to the next subway station, hoping to reach it before the train. Karen eventually comes to see Henry’s crimes as entrepreneurial enterprises, and embraces the sense of community the Mafia provides, especially after the birth of their daughters, Judy and Ruth. Hurt over Eve’s betrayal, Roger angrily confronts them. A search crew later finds Taylor sitting on a log, holding a grenade. Soon after, homesteader Ernie Wright arrives at the Starretts’ to announce that Ryker’s men have destroyed his wheat field and, consequently, he and his family are moving away. The two men manage to sway Jurors 5 and 11 to their side, for a total of four "not guilty" verdicts. To combat the heat, Cee and Punchy turn on a fire hydrant, allowing children to play in the water. After he became Norma's first husband, she left him, but when Hollywood abandoned her, he gave up his prosperous career to return to serve her as a butler. Realizing they are trapped on top of Mount Rushmore, Roger and Eve start down the monument, but Roger is attacked by Valerian and Eve tussles with Leonard. English Bob tries to conceal his .32 pistol, but Little Bill finds it and brutally beats him, shouting that there is no “whore’s gold” to be won. Overcome with emotion and guilt at the memory of his son, who rejected his harsh and authoritarian manner, he finally whispers "not guilty." As Deckard walks home, Kowalski ambushes him in the streets and beats him, but Rachael saves Deckard by shooting the Replicant in the head. Wolfe commands Rhah to head Elias’s squad, but Rhah argues that the squad has only six people remaining. Angry, Stonewall, whose courage has been questioned by some of the homesteaders, goes to town and, in the saloon, criticizes Ryker for running Ernie off his land. A policeman named Gaff appears and informs Deckard in another language that he is under arrest. The next day, Lola confides in Walter that she suspects that Phyllis, who was her mother's nurse, killed her mother six years earlier and now has done the same to her father. This is the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 Most Heart-Pounding American Movies. Will then visits the home of his friend, Sam Fuller, but as Sam listens from the next room, his wife tells Will that he is not at home. Bill returns to Margo's side to comfort her. Miller receives the order and selects seven men to accompany him on the rescue mission. He reveals his work as a school teacher back home, and openly regrets how many lives he has taken. Vincent rushes her to Lance’s house, where they revive her with a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Harris orders Elias and Barnes to make a report when they return to base camp, and promises there will be a court-martial if he finds that Barnes’s actions were illegal. When the police track Tom down at the camp, however, he is forced to bid farewell to his family, knowing he may never see them again. When the camp’s commander, Col. Saito, imperiously informs the new prisoners that they will all be expected to work on building a railroad that will connect Bangkok to Rangoon, Nicholson protests that under the regulations of the Geneva Convention, all officers are exempt from manual labor. Returning to work on his ailing farm, Munny has a change of heart. As they pause on the sidewalk, they see a bride and groom ascend the stairs to a church and follow them inside. Later, Mitch comes to see Blanche, who is hearing music in her head, and calls her a hypocrite. During the Gold Rush, prospectors brave Alaska’s dangerous Chilkoot Pass, hoping to strike it rich in the snowy mountains. Joe begs Ernie to stay and calls for a meeting of the homestead men that night. Threatening both gangs with the gun, she accuses all of them of killing Tony, Riff and Bernardo. Catherine begs Clarice not to leave her alone, but Clarice goes in search of Buffalo Bill. In the jungle late at night, Taylor wakes up fellow soldier, Junior, when it is his turn to stand watch; however, Junior quickly falls back asleep, and Taylor later wakes to find soldiers from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) circling their camp. Schindler again reprimands Itzhak Stern for his charitable hiring practices. Meanwhile, Sonny helps Ruth clean up and while they are outside, they engage in a passionate kiss and agree to meet soon. As Nicoli steps onto a car, a transit guard hears Popeye yell a warning, causing him to follow Nicoli suspiciously as he travels from car to car. Later, Judah and Esther kiss and reveal their feelings for each other, but Esther worries that Judah is consumed with hate and tells him of a young Nazarene she has heard of who preaches of love. 1. After sweeping his wife up into his arms, The Man puts her onboard the trolley and they return to their boat. Meanwhile, as a group of boys play games in a suburban home, Michael instructs his younger brother, Elliott, to retrieve pizzas from the deliveryman. The Wicked Witch vows revenge. As the swimmers and waders run to the beach in a panic, a mangled raft washes to shore while vacationer Mrs. Kintner searches in vain for her young son, Alex. He plans to train alone, and when Mickey visits to plead to be his manager, Rocky brushes off the old man’s desperate self-marketing, declaring that he needed a manager ten years ago when he still had a future. At the dawn of mankind, a colony of peaceful vegetarian apes awakens to find a glowing black monolith standing in their midst. The next day the three travelers stop at a small luncheonette but leave when confronted by open hostility and bigotry. In 1916 British Intelligence supports the Arab rebellion against the Turkish-German alliance. American Film Institute Epic. However, Alvy’s memories of his earlier marriages are not particularly happy. The video reveals that her mother poisoned her. Meanwhile, the Prospector and Jim grow so ravenous that they boil and eat the Prospector’s leather shoe for Thanksgiving dinner. Hadley steps in when the Sisters nearly murder Andy, providing protection by moving Bogs to another prison. Batty tells Deckard he’s seen incredible things in space, but all the moments will be lost with his death. Five hours later, he reaches his office, where his cynical secretary, Clarissa Saunders, is waiting for him with her chum, newspaperman Diz Moore. Calling from an undisclosed tropical location, Lecter promises not to attack her, saying the world is more interesting with her in it. Outraged, Mrs. Robinson demands that Ben stop seeing her daughter; instead he blurts out the truth to a shocked Elaine, who returns to college in Berkeley. Desperate, the President turns to his physicist adviser, the paraplegic ex-Nazi, Dr. Strangelove, who calculates that humanity can survive if a selected few take to underground shelters and remain there for about 100 years. He then approaches his wife, takes her hand and proposes they go on an outing in his rowboat. Buggin Out and Raheem commiserate over the poor treatment they have received at Sal’s, and Raheem agrees to go along with the boycott. The patrolmen report Roger’s seizure and are instructed to take him to the airport where he is met by the Professor, who explains about the fictitious Kaplan and the need to capture Vandamm with incriminating evidence before he departs the country from his ranch in South Dakota. Tom finally locates his family as they are about to pack their belongings on a dilapidated truck and head West, lured by promises of work and high wages in California. Reluctantly, Bilbo departs without it, but Gandalf is disturbed by the power the ring seems to have. When the Jets still refuse to confide in him, he tauntingly refers to their family members as drug addicts and prostitutes. Tom asks Linnea to stay, but she says she cannot. When she asks about the first time he tried to commit suicide, another patient, Cheswick, asks Ratched why she presses Billy on the subject when he does not wish to talk. Turning the conversation back to Buffalo Bill, Clarice asks about the significance of the moth, which was found in Benjamin Raspail’s head as well as the latest victim’s, and Lecter says it is a symbol of change. At the jail, Slocum refuses to believe Susan's and David's stories and arrests both Elizabeth and Applegate when they come to bail out Susan because he is sure they are only impersonating his wealthy constituents. While Friendly’s men help to thrash Terry, the dockworkers watch impassively as Edie arrives with Father Barry. Soon they are married, but as they leave for their honeymoon, a run on the bank convinces George to check on the building and loan. The comment creates a media flurry, and UBS executive Frank Hackett takes Howard off the air. The next day, Addison's column sings Eve's praises and makes snide remarks about "mature" actresses playing youthful roles. When Johnnie leaves the train to move a crosstie, Annabelle, unable to work the gears, runs the engine forward and backward, leaving Johnnie behind, until he finally catches the train. He then visits the local pet store in the hope of winning over the painfully shy clerk, Adrian Pennino, but she barely responds to his efforts. After everyone leaves the shop, Doc expresses his dismay at Schrank’s behavior, but Tony, who is buoyed by love, believes that everything will be all right.

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